Our modularized SP pumps

During our almost 35 years of business Oina VV AB has gone through many changes. However, always stayed true to our core values; building customized pumps.

Oina VV AB was founded in 1985, although under a different name. Back then the company was called Alitea. The starting initials, AL, represent Anders Lovas who founded the company. In 2000 Watson-Marlow acquired the assets and liabilities of Alitea AB and the company was renamed to Oina VV AB.

After a few years absence Oina VV AB and Anders Lovas got back to designing peristaltic pumps. During the years Anders has brought to market an almost endless number of customized peristaltic pumps tailored to customers’ needs. The focus on customization has brought about a list of features that have become standard within peristaltic pump design.

Now it is time again, Oina is very proud to introduce a number of revolutionizing features that takes peristaltic pump capabilities to the next level – reaching higher pressures, lower pulsations and longer tube lifetime. Once again, peristaltic pump design is yet again being refined and improved.

The new and fifth generation of pumps designed under the supervision of Mr Anders Lovas features two spring loaded adjustable occlusions with a central pivoting of the pressure clamp, whereas the rest of the market is offering only single occlusions. This feature puts Oina peristaltic pump in  league of its own when it comes to reaching high pressures (up to 12 bars), high accuracy, reducing pulsations and extending tube lifetime (up to 30% prolonged).
Secondary effects are lower energy consumptions, individual adjustments of each channel for optimization of more even pulsations, and pressure control.