Polymore – a truly customized experience

QP1-OEM customized for Polymore
QP1-OEM customized for Polymore

Together with Polymore, Oina have adapted one of our standard QP1-OEM pumps to as a completely integrated unit in Polymore’s application. From tailor made tube clamps to specific nuts and bolt, everything is specified together with the customer to deliver a truly customized pump and experience.

Dispensing polymers might be a challenging task. For example when using diaphragm pumps issues might arise with clogging valves and several pumps for different flow rates. Peristaltic Pumps can be used in favor to other types of pumps.

  • Reaching  0,02 to 600 ml/min continuous flow rate with one single pump
  • Viscous fluids can be pumped at high pressures
  • No valves needed

Polymore AB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polymer make-up units. Polymers are used for sludge dewatering, sludge thickening and for sedimentation in both industrial and municipal plants.