FMI pioneered the first patented valveless rotating and reciprocating piston metering pump concept and has been providing precise fluid control for almost 5 decades. FMI dispensers and metering pumps have been utilized in a broad range of laboratory, analytical, industrial process, and OEM applications requiring precision fluid control.

Patented “No Valve” Design eliminates problems caused by valves which clog, leak, and require service.
One Moving Part CeramPump® design utilizes a single dimensionally stable, chemically inert CERAMIC piston ensuring long term, drift free fluid control.
Accuracy, Precision, & Reliability measured in millions of “trouble free”cycles.
Aspirate, Dispense, & Meter fluids from microliters to liters an accuracy of 1% and a precision of 0.5% for millions of cycles.

Q0-OEM OEM with 24VBLDC or 24VDC motors, max 0,08ml/rev, 
available configurations: SKY, SSY and CTC 

Q1- OEM OEM with 24VBLDC or 24VDC motors,  max 0,32ml/rev, 
available configurations: CKC, CKY, CSC, CSY, SAN, SKY, SSY and CTC

Q2- OEM OEM with BLDC or BDC motors,  max 0,72ml/rev, 
available configurations: CKC, CKY, CSC, CSY, SAN, SKY, SSY and CTC

Q3- OEM OEM with 24VBLDC or 24VDC motors,  max 1,28ml/rev, 
available configurations: CKC, CSC and CTC


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Flow rate Max ml/min 3840
Rpm Max 3000
Motor 24 VDC