QP-1 LAB High Pressure ASC

1 channel
5 Rollers
Flow rate: 0,02-500 ml/min
Max Pressure: 10 BAR

Robust aluminium, stainless steel one-channel, high-pressure, peristaltic pump with pressure up to 10 BAR.

The QP-1 High Pressure peristaltic pump is designed for high pressure applications. The 5 rollers in the rotor are made of Acetal/POM for high mechanical tolerances and low friction, handles high duty applications and ensures a long life time. The QP-1 OEM High Pressure pump is fitted with Oina PUR (Polyurethane) tubing, which high durometer aids in reaching the pump’s high pressure.

Created For Lab Environments

The included Accurate Speed Control casing is powder coated, ensures high durability and long lifespan. The control board and buttons are optimized for the QP-1 pump and allows for FWD, RWD, Stop, and speed-control functionality. The control board is based on PWM (Pulse-Wide Modulation) with our unique Switch Technology, which achieves up to 90% efficiency. This prevents overheating, removing the need for heat sinks, and allowing you to maintain a stable and exact speed (+/-3%). On the back of the pump is a 9-pin D-sub connector for external start FWD, REV via potentialfree contacts and externel speed control via 4-20mA signal (on request 0-20mA).

Remote cables and/or foot pedals on request.

Voltage in: 24VDC, 100-240VAC power supply included in the product.

Channels 1
Flow rate Min ml/min 0.02
Flow rate Max ml/min 500
Rpm Min 0.05
Rpm Max 70
Max pressure (BAR) 10
Suction height % 95
Tube loading Barbed Fittings
Motor 24 VDC
Pump Head Materials Anodized Aluminium
Acid-proof Stainless Steel
Tube ID Min (mm) Tube ID Max (mm) Tube Wall (mm) Tube Material
1.6 8


Polyurethane (PUR)


Optimized Pressure and flow
The QP-1 LABHigh Pressure pump head has Oina’s unique dual spring loaded adjustable occlusion which optimizes pressure and increases tube lifetime. The unique design not only allows for low power consumption but also less pulsation and more even pressure control.

Easy Tube Loading
The easy tube loading mechanism ensures easy tube loading and replacement.

Capacity chart
Tube Inner Diameter (mm) Tube Wall Thickness (mm) Flow (ml/rev)
1.6 1.6 0.45
3.2 1.6 1.8
5 1.6 3
6.4 1.6 5
8 1.6 8