The new Easy Tube Loading Peristaltic Pump series from Oina unifies functionality, usability and performance into a close to perfect pump for OEM and Laboratory environments.

The ETL-series comes in three different standard sizes, ETL200 for flows up to 60 ml/min, ETL400 for flows up to 400 ml/min and ETL600 for flows up to 800 ml/min.

ETL200 – OEM

1 channel
4 Rollers
Flow rate: 0-60 ml/min
Max Pressure: 1 BAR

ETL400 – OEM

1 channel
3,4 or 6 Rollers
Flow rate: 0,0025-400 ml/min
Max Pressure: 2,5 BAR

ETL600 – OEM

1 channel
5 Rollers
Flow rate: 0,02-800 ml/min
Max Pressure: 2 BAR