Pharm-A-Line I™ – Peristaltic-Pump Tubing

Superior in Peristalic Pump Applications Manufactured from virgin, medical grade TPE and homogeneously extruded to precise dimensional tolerances, our Pharm-A-Line … Continued

ClearGreen 60® – DEHP Free Vinyl Tubing

The Original DEHP Free Vinyl Tubing For several years TBL plastics has taken a leadership position being the first to introduce a … Continued

Pharm-A-Clear R | Braided Platinum Silicone Tubing

For higher temperature and pressure applications or those with a need for improved kink resistance we also offer our Pharm-A-Clear R, … Continued

Pharm-A-Clear LH™ | Low Hysteresis Silicone

For the most critical and exacting meter-dose peristaltic-pump applications, we developed our Pharm-A-Clear LH™ (low hysteresis) platinum-cured Silicone Tubing. The “LH” series tubing … Continued

ClearGreen® | Flexible non-phthalate PVC Vinyl Tubing

The Original DEHP Free PVC Tubing As part of TBL’s continued commitment towards environmental responsibility, we offer our complete line … Continued

Pharm-A-Clear C™ – Medical-Grade Platinum-Cured Silicone

Pharm-A-Clear C™Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing was developed to meet the most stringent requirements of the life sciences industries. TBLs medical-grade Pharm-A-Clear C™ is manufactured … Continued